Engineered Wooden Floors

What is a Engineered Wooden Floor?

Engineered wooden floors are made up of multiple layers of wood. It has a  ply-wood base with a real hardwood top layer, usual Oak or other hardwoods such as Ash, Maple or Walnut. 


Range in width, thickness and length. You can get planks from 127mm, 150mm, 180mm, 190mm to 220mm in width. Thickness of boards ranges from 14mm, 18mm to 20mm. Length of boards vary from range to range. Sizes range from Random Lengths (typically 500mm to 1600mm long), 1800mm to as long as 2200mm.

Top layer/Wear layer​​

  • The top layer is usually between 3mm – 6mm in thickness. 

  • This is the exposed layer where you achieve you style, texture and colour.

  • You can achieve different looks using the same timber. This is achieved by how the timber has been treated. Such as using different stains, varnished and oils to create darker or lighter floors. 

  • Planks can be finished with a rough or smooth texture and some ranges will have areas where they have been filled to create a rustic finish. 

Base Layer

  • Base layers are made up of plywood mainly but can also be made up of some softwoods.

  • This layer gives the plank stability and strength.  

  • This layer is where the planks connect to each other using a click system or a tong and grove system.



Clifden Oak
Clifden Oak- European Oak, Smoked, Old Style Rustic Filled & UV Oiled
180 x 14 x 1800mm
Dalkey Oak
Dalkey Oak- European Oak, Deep Handbrushed, Special Treatment & Matt Varnished
190 x 14 x 1900mm
Haro 4000 Click Plank
Smoked Oak Sauvage- 180 x 13.5mm x 2200mm
Super Matt Varnish
Erne Oak
Erne Oak- European Oak, Smoked, Handscraped, Brushed & White UV Oiled
190 x 14 x 1900mm
Oak Bordeaux
Oak Bordeaux - European Oak Special Limewash, Brushed & Matt Varnished
190 x 18 x 1900mm
Ardagh Oak
Ardagh Oak- European Oak, Smoked, Brushed & White UV Matt Varnished
180 x 14 x 1800mm
American Walnut - Sanded and Varnished
127/150 x 18 x Random Lengths.
Ardmore Oak
Ardmore Oak- European Oak, Smoked, Planed & White UV Oiled
190 x 14 x 1900mm
Canadia Flooring
Rustic Grey Oak- European Oak, Smoked, Old Style Rustic Filled & Special Treatment, UV Oiled
220 x 20 x 2200mm
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