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Laminate Floors


What is a Laminate Wooden Floor?

Laminate wooden floors are made up of MDF with a printed image of wood and a laminate surface sprayed on the top. Unlike real wood, laminates are a versatile flooring option which can be adapted to most styles.   


Range in width, thickness and length. You can get planks from 120mm, 157mm, 193mm to 220mm in width. Thickness of boards ranges from 7mm, 8mm , 10mm to 12mm. Length of boards vary from range to range. Sizes range from 10 1376mm, 1845mm to as long as 2200mm.


  • Range in qualities and thickness that are a very cost effective option for any budget. 

  • Huge range of styles, textures and colours that will blend with any interior.

  • Unlike engineered wood which scratches, dents and marks, Laminates have a scratch resistance.

  • Laminates give you a real wood look but are more adaptable to every day living.



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